Earth Talon

Standard Series D-ring Wood Shovel (Bantam)

Earth Talon


Strong & Lightweight the Standard Series D-Ring Wood Shovel (Bantam) is great for digging in compacted soils and for weeding. It’s a multi-purpose shovel for all of your landscape and gardening needs.The reinforced ribs make it perfect for rigorous use and focus energy at the Point to make digging easier.It is made out of a solid Mongolian ash wood D-ring handle, a solid Mongolian ash wood shaft that can resist to a pressure of 200 lbs, wider foot step to use your leg into the digging effort and a redesigned 1.6 mm steel blade that goes 25% deeper than a regular shovel.


Weight (Kg): 1.62
Total Length(mm): 1050
Embossed Blade
Sharpened Blade
Blade thickness: 1.6mm
Solid Mongolian Ash Wood
Wider footsteps
5-year warranty


Made for compacted rocky soils and hard clay. Reinforced ribs for rigorous use. Focuses energy at the point to make digging easier.

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