Era Group is part of the ECO-ALLIANCE Group. Namely, a group of seven companies with a shared common goal: provide their clients with environmentally friendly products at the lowest possible cost. They are committed to produce high quality products from post-consumer and recyclable material.

ERA Group has established sustainability initiatives through closed-loop solutions such as their Hanger Recycling Program. This program allows customers to be part of a sustainable initiative which means recycling their old hangers into new products.

Quality Product

The ERA Group product range is a simple yet effective design with an outstanding warranty, conceivably even a lifetime approach. Without a doubt we provide distinctive advantages in terms of cost and durability. Our products require very little maintenance, are well designed, longer lasting and contribute to the respect and protection of the environment.

The highest level of
industry standards

Since they are manufactured according to the highest level of industry standards, the performance of our product demonstrates that we are continuously in a development phase. We are committed to intensive research and put all of our products through rigorous industry testing.

These combined benefits represent our products main selling features:

  • Robustness and increased lifespan
  • Reduced footprint
  • Evolving product range
  • 98% recyclable


Era Group
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ERA Group