Winter Toys

Discover how fun winter can be with family and friends. We design our Winter Toys for the love of Winter: to be played with and enjoyed by all ages. Who ever thought winter could be so much fun. Let it snow!


At ERA Group, we sell fun. We offer a complete line of winter toys from saucers, toboggans, baby sleds, hot seats, kid’s shovels and snow boards to utility sleds. Our snow toys are built for fun, speed and made to last. Our sleds undergo many quality control tests under real snow conditions. Each sled is specifically designed and manufactured for optimum performance. Our 960 PARIS Expedition sled is the standard for professional trekkers and is sold throughout Europe and North America to serious enthusiasts of winter hiking and trekking. For generations, our snow toys have been enjoyed by children in North America and internationally. Our entire range of winter toys is made up of domestic products that are manufactured locally. Being a seasonal company that’s highly driven by weather, manufacturing locally represents a major advantage since we can react quickly to market trends.