Advancing consumer products through the use of CIRCULAR PLASTICS.

ERA Group Inc. is a leading North American manufacturer of hangers, housewares, winter toys and winter shovels and gardening tools. For over 45 years, we have provided our customers with superior products, exceptional value and continuous innovation.

North American
High Volume
As a leading North American high volume manufacturer, we are proud to manufacture locally and encourage the North American economy. Job-creation and training is a significant part of the culture of our company.
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ERA Group is a result-oriented global family that strive to achieve customer satisfaction and success through teamwork, quality products, continuous innovation and respect for our planet. We are committed to develop, distribute and deliver superior products while integrating eco-friendly processes.
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Founded and based in Montreal, Quebec, ERA Group is a company that is committed to our employee’s success and growth. Over 200 individuals strive to offer exemplary products and service to our consumers.
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Shovels & Seasonal

The ERA Shovel and Garden tool collections are designed to take care of you and your home year round. Reliable and durable products made to withstand the elements with confidence and with the test of time.

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Winter Toys

Discover how fun winter can be with family and friends. We design our Winter Toys for the love of Winter: to be played with and enjoyed by all ages. Who ever thought winter could be so much fun. Let it snow!

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