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Manitou XL

Adventurer Sleds

– The Manitou-XL sled is a 66” contemporary sled with room for up to three riders
– Injection molded with 6 molded handgrips
– Durable, lightweight and economical
– For ages 6+


Dimensions: 24″ x 66″ | 61 cm x 168 cm
Weight: 5.2 lbs | 2358 gr.


Blue, Black


For Snow Use Only . Do Not Use on Ice or in Water. Always slide in an area free of obstacles and traffic. Do not tow this sled behind a vehicle. Do not wrap pull rope around any body part. Children should always be supervised by an adult when sliding. Proper Sledding Position : feet first, never head first. No kneeling, standing, or diving on sled. Controlling speed and the ability to maneuver or stop this product is affected by slope and snow conditions. For your safety, always use a helmet.

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