Shovels & Seasonal

The ERA Shovel and Garden tool collections are designed to take care of you and your home year round. Reliable and durable products made to withstand the elements with confidence and with the test of time.


ERA Group snow shovels are designed and built to be the very best in the industry. Our shovels undergo many quality control tests under real environmental conditions. We pride ourselves on having the very best value in the industry. For professional or home use, Era Group shovels are rugged and made to last. We offer a complete line of shovels from all-purpose, pusher, light weight, scoop, sleigh scoop, ergonomic, kid to garden shovels, including roof rakes, safety sets and traction aids. Our shovels are innovative and designed for safety and function. They are constructed and manufactured to be used by every-day consumers and professional trades’ people under the most rigorous conditions. We also take pride in offering the ERA Earth line, featuring an extensive line of shovels made from 95% North American recycled materials.

Our recycled plastic line is engineered to perform optimally with the same quality and performance as our regular line of goods. Our mission with this brand is to have an ultimate sustainable approach to end of life plastic products. Our ECO friendly message is highly visible throughout our customer base and targets our earth conscious consumers.

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